The Honor of Great and Effective Parenting



Kid’s offers tips for effective parenting:


  1. Boosting Self-Esteem
  2. Catch Kids Being Good
  3. Set Limits
  4. Make Time
  5. Be A Good Role Model
  6. Make Communication a Top Priority
  7. Be Flexible and Willing to Adjust Your Style

Giving honor to children is a lifestyle performance. Children need confidence. They need a solid self-esteem and parents can do specific things in order to build this within a child’s core belief system. To feel good about one’s self a person must be able to really achieve goals.

To catch a child being good is a really great thing because it gives opportunity to give high fives, fist bumps and accolades to the achiever.

Everyone in the world has limits and we all need and want them. When we drive, each of us have specific goals and “limits” in order to protect us from hard. Children need and want limits as well.

Time. Precious time. It has been said that children simply want time with their parents. They are not as interested in “things” as they are with the quality of time spent with family.

Being a good role model is so very important. Children need to look up to their parents and being that person with a good name can make all of the difference in how a child perceives the family, the world and him or herself.

Communication a must- To communicate well with children is so important because by communicating effectively, children are able to tell about their deepest needs and listen to the heart of others.

Flexibility is a good trait but with balance. Too much flexibility could cause negative behaviors and too hard of a stance could cause rebellion so a middle of the road approach in working with children is a good avenue to take.

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