No Matter How Flawed Your Past, Your Future Can Be Spotless

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No Matter Your Past, Your Future Can Be Spotless…

It is New Years Eve and I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you. While thinking about the last 365 days and how they affected me, I have been wondering about you? In thinking about all of my friends in cyberspace, on FB and other social media sites and even remembering my friends that I see on a day-in and day-out basis, I've been wondering what's going on in your hearts, minds, and lives. Are you excited to experience the up-and-coming new year or was this past year simply so wonderful you couldn't imagine anything better? On the other hand, did you experience heartache? financial stress? physical concerns or something else that may have brought on a heaviness making last year especially difficult?

Well, I’m here to tell you that a fresh start is in order no matter your situation. If 2017 was problematic you’ll welcome a fresh start? If 2017 was good, you’ll have opportunity to improve even upon that. So, what’s your story and how can you seize the opportunities of this new challenge?

At the beginning of a new year, there’s no shortage of goals or even a list of changes that comes to mind for me. It seems that no matter what the year before was like, there is definitely room for change and improvement. I know that each of us certainly look into the future with great expectation. Whether to come out of heartache, debt, sickness, loss or simply to need for some type of change or to want to self improve to be what God would have us to be. We all want more.


Here are a few things that might prompt you to better yourself as you move forward. Remember, your past is just that- your past. Your future though is bright and with God in your heart, His possibilities are endless.

Obviously, the new year is a good time to have a list of things to consider and it only makes sense to start these at a time of new beginnings. Below are several ideas to accomplish great things in the New Year. No matter how flawed your past, your future in Him is spotless.



  • Routinely Seek God



A routine is important with each of our strenuous schedules. Start each morning talking to our Lord Jesus Christ will set the tone for your entire day. Give thanks to the One and Only who allowed you another day on the earth.


  • Enter Into This New Year Seeking Wisdom



We are often capable of more than we imagine. However, seeking out unrealistic goals sets us up for failure. Therefore fuel yourself with short term goals that create success and by all means ask for wisdom from above.


  • Depend on The One Who Knows Your Future



Jesus Christ already has a plan for you. He knows your destiny. It is your job to follow his plan by reading His map, the Bible.


  • Do Not Look Back



The past is just that and you never have to return to it. Although reflection can help us in making new and better choices, we do not need to wallow in our negative past. A change is just that, turning from the old and moving toward a brighter tomorrow.


  • Give Thanks



We have something to be thankful for. List your blessing no matter how small and begin to focus on those things. You might even surprise yourself how rich you are in the things of God.


  • Be Justified By Faith

Be justified by faith and not by works. This year, I am going to focus on my final destination which is Heaven. I am going to make my mark by telling others about Christ and I’m not going to depend on my works to gain anything for me. I encourage you to simply let go and let God.

We’re about to embark on a new path everyone. Let’s allow God to work in our hearts to change the world. We can do it!
Happy New Year friends.

Katie Girl

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