Kathryn R. Dingman

CEO/Founder-Chicks Down South

Thank you for visiting Chicks Down South.  I hope that we are going to be the best of friends. Wait,  I am Katie. In my mind, I’m a spunky, strong-willed, soft-hearted,  girl, living in the Sunshine State.

Probably, we have a great deal in common. I enjoy  traveling, appreciate the outdoors, absolutely love saving money, adore DIY projects, find it vital to have fun, indulge in flavorful food, work hard for my husband and find myself often at super-mom status.

I’m so happy you’ve dropped by CDS.  I’m hoping you will come in, have a cup of coffee with me, and stay a bit. Our motto is, “sparkle and shine” so, let’s sparkle and shine, laugh and love, everyday together.

I hope to get to know you as we take this journey together. Please subscribe to receive our updates.

Let’s venture together and enjoy all things lovely.


Katie Girl