Editor-Chicks Down South

Nan Ramey- AKA-“Josie”

Being born in the south, I feel like a real “southern chick”.  From mosquitos and sand gnats to gators and snakes, I’ve seen ‘em all. I’ve even set eyes on a Florida bear!

Currently I live on a mini-farm in Northeast Florida.  I  have a dachshund puppy (Sophie) and recently rescued a schnauzer, who we call “Puppy” because that’s how she was introduced to us.   My 2 cats, Gray Boy and Miss Kitty were rescue animals and I have  chickens.  There are: Buff Orpington hens(Elsa, Olivia, and Queeny) and a rooster(Buster) ,  Sylver Wydotte hens (All named Juliette), several Jersey Giant hens and a rooster( Shaq) and a hand full of Frizzle Cochin hens. And then there are the Rhode Island Reds ( all named Lillie) and the Americauna(they all lay blue eggs).    I love them very much and often feel like Fern in Charlotte’s Web as I sit out on a can and talk to them.(Uncle Homer wouldn’t let Fern get in the pen with them. Buster, the Rooster won’t let me!).

Jacksonville, Florida has been my home, only leaving the area to attend Andrew College in Georgia and Florida State University where I got a degree in teaching. I have taught 36 years and am now retired.

My first job was working at a shoe store. When I left that job, I had over 50 pair of my own! Yikes! From there I worked for a short time in retail and then worked in the school system teaching,  being an adjunct professor at The University of North Florida and serving as a Principal. All were good years and nothing can take the place of growing in every facet of each position.

One of my favorite things to do over the years has been to photograph. I’ve never been especially good at it but I have been able to capture some unique photographs of incredible people. I’ve photographed several Presidents, the King and Queen of Spain and England and some other notable folks like Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks. My sister, daughters and I photographed at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and the Dutchess of Cambridge. (No, I wasn’t one of the Royal photographers but I felt like one as I took my 6 foot ladder on my flight over to London to get a really good pic).
This past year, I became a grandmother. It is everything everyone said and MORE! I’m loving it. My nickname is “Josie” so I will be his “Josie”(Grandma).

As a mother, I’ve never been so proud of my two girls Katie and Kristie.  And, I have a very handsome and nice son-in-love Daniel.

Both girls have come into their own and show reflections of both their dad and me. They have great humor of which you will certainly witness on this blog from time to time and they learned it all from their Mother(Their Dad may beg to differ!) He’s quite funny in his own right. LOL and LOL!

I hope you’ll visit our blog and most of all I hope the information here will help you strengthen your faith in God and learn to serve Christ day in and day out.

Keep on coming!



(Okay Katie Girl, I’ve written my “About Me” page. Yay! Now can I blog? Josie)