Family Matters: No Regrets

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Can you feel the love from the photo above? Look at our smiles and that tight hug. This man in the picture has played such a key roll in my life. This man has been committed to our family and the Lord. In my view, he’s been a man with wonderful courage and self-worth. His name is Alec Vaughan. He is my Grandfather and the leader of our family.

My childhood has been filled with wonderful memories of him. He’s been known to quote poetry and tell funny jokes. His large tractor and lush garden over the years was full of veggies to share and share them he did!   He chopped wood for the family before each winter and made ready the garden area for the late-seasoned garden.

My Grandpa loves treasures, aka junk (you should see his collection in the backyard). He’s never wanted for a “part” when something went bad.  He just walked to the back of his 10 acres and found one to fit the need.

As a young child I remember shifting gears from the passenger seat as we drove down the then country road. What I remember distinctly was helping him drive as he whistled.

Making homemade ice-cream under the carport was a summer staple and watching him fix everything himself was just a part of my time with him. He rarely bought new. I recall walking the property with him as he spoke about the dirt-road days and his young times spent on his daddy’s farm. Those are memories I will forever cherish.

Upon seeing my Grandpa, I always expected and waited for the cheek pinch and the squeeze of the knee (half pint – I will have to explain later for that’s for another day!).


Grandpa working

He has not only been my grandfather but a Sunday School teacher, landowner, father, brother to 7, cousin, uncle and faithful husband. Many times I have wondered if there was anything he couldn’t do. Grandpa is a man that other men aspire to be. He is the kind of man I want my son to grow up and emulate. He is a man of many words and expressions. His can-do attitude has landed him in front of so many. His impact is strong and touches the heart and lives of not only our circle of influence but others as well.



Grandpa & mema



I must admit writing this has been bitter-sweet but I must continue even in tears. Currently, my grandfather is in a rehab center. Through his life, he has been strong with no health issues and did not even take one medicine until the age of 89.  But, a recent health issue has landed him in the hospital and recovery has been a struggle. While I have visited him often, he has been sleeping and has not known I’ve come by.  I’ve held his hand waiting for him to wake and my heart has ached. I pray for God to heal him so my son can get to know him like I do.

In the month of January, my New Year’s resolution was to write someone everyday that impacted my life. My very first letter was written to my Grandfather. I have decided to share it with you.

To my grandfather; a man who has been so influential in my life as a leader. 
Your commitment to our family and the Lord has made those around you become aware of  actions and accountabilities.
 You are an incredible man of God. You have lived a life of great integrity. 
As I reflect on my life, it’s amazing to see how you have helped shape me. 
Your mission has always been to keep Christ as our family’s  number one priority. 
You have demonstrated that over these 94 years of your life. 
I want to thank you for your love and kindness, your hard work and dedication.
 You are a man of your word and never will there be another that holds my heart as tight. 
Thank you for not only being a leader but a wonderful grandfather. 
with all my heart,
As each day passes I want to strive to honor the Lord as he has. I will carry on his legacy even when he is gone, holding high that Godly mantle in my family.
When people visit The Maple Street Biscuit Company, a franchised breakfast eatery. They have a question of the month. This week the question was “Who is your hero?”  When thinking about my hero, my  Grandpa comes to mind.  I would, without hesitation say,  “Alec Vaughan”.
As I look over so many wonderful photographs of the two of us together, I smile. I have loved my Grandfather to the fullest and spend so many countless hours with him. I have held nothing back and have no regrets. The times I have shared with him can never be replaced. He walked me to school as a child, watched me walk down the aisle, and met my husband and my first born son.
Grandpa and KatiePregant
Grandpa holding hand with ramey
So many times my life has been “too busy” for anything but making time for the ones I love has been important to me. Days turn into nights, months and then years. Each moment that you make another memory together is so important. I will not forget the one who loved me first and I’ve spent great time with him with “no regrets”.
Katie Girl

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