Ethnicity is who you are right down to the color!

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Day 17

Ethnicity is who you are right down to the color!

Just down the street from my house is a brick building dedicated to having events for those who are Italian. A couple of miles further south from me is an Indian club and one dedicated to

If you type in the words “meet up for….” and put in your ethnic group, there will be dozens and dozens of clubs and organization dedicated to meeting the needs of your particular ethnic group. From “ethnic dining and cooking”, culture, adventure, language and history” there are groups that will fill every need you ever had. On “” there are over 7,796 members of 15 ethnic groups and all to meet the needs of who you are!

Ethnicity is a part of who you are. Your skin color, your features down to your language usage all makes you the person you are. Of the recognized racial categories in America: White, Black, Native American, Alaska Native, Asian American and Hawaiian, people, you may be one of them. Also classified in America is Hispanic or Latino, Jewish or Arab, Polish or Italian. Whatever ethnicity you are, go live out the life God gave you. Simply put… go be you!

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