Dressing For Thanksgiving. ‘Had To Laugh Inside!

November 21, 2014 , In: Josie , With: No Comments

This is a complete funny to me and I realize that you may not it find it humorous at all but… I am laughing as I write.

I am a blue jeans kind of gal.  Being laid back, I find dressing to the nine a complete waste of time but I force myself on occasion. I’m not a slob now but I don’t wear matching accessories on an every day basis.

One occasion that I do think about caring about dress is on Thanksgiving and Christmas day.(of course, at weddings, funerals, and on Sundays at church…) On those holidays, I pull out the “danny double knit” slacks and make the good ole’ college try to match, wear accessories,  and even wear make up.  It ‘s a special day and therefore dressing is part of it.

Through the years, it’s been a struggle to help my girls find this same way of thinking important and on more than one occasion, I’ve had to talk to their dad to get him to get them to see things my way.  (Just a little moral support without complete war is why I involve him.)

So I had to just fall to the floor (inside) in laughter when my oldest daughter, (Katie) brought out her  one year old son’s Thanksgiving outfit to share today!  What a “million” he will be!  She has purchased him nice matching outfit with slacks, shirt, vest and all handsomely coordinated!

I didn’t say a word, but my first thoughts were:  “Good luck getting him to choose this when he’s 12”! She’ll be going to Daniel, his dad  for moral support I do believe!



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