Your Birth Nation is a Part of Your Story




Day 13- #write31days

When you think about it, your birth nation is in the back of your mind at all times. It is and always be a part of your story.  You were born at a certain place and time and in a certain nation. Whether you remain in that nation or move to another, you were born in that place in the world and it will affect your thinking.

International business is conducted is various and different ways. When you think about where you were born, you can imagine the implications as you claim a certain birth country. No matter where you choose to live in the universe, you will always have been born in a certain nation and the interest of that place will be in your heart all of your days.

Every nation has a different value system. Values are born from religious beliefs set early in a nation’s formation. If you were born in America, the deep-seeded visions of a Christian heritage are there and even the rule of law and justice stem from Biblical examples. Many Biblical quotes are interwoven into the very fabric of America and actually engraved into the hallmark buildings all over the United States and in particular, Washington, DC, the nation’s capital.

From social differences, incentives, labor and management, where you were born has a huge impact on who you are and what you will become. Certainly if you remain in that particular country profound impacts will be made based on conforming to that ideology.

In the back of a person’s mind, national heritage is a part of life and who a person is and will become. From dialect, language and verbal expression to multicultural acceptance or seclusion, every nation is has its own, shall I say, personality.

Financial structures, weather, ability and more affect every nation and therefore the people who were born there, live there and even visit. National heritage is an important part to anyone’s life.

God created man to be “fruitful and multiply”. He has a work, a plan and a purpose for each person. I hope you’ll go forth and live out your reason for being.

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