You Are Unique in at Least 10 Ways!

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Day 31

One thing I know as a teacher is that treating children with kindness and care is important. Sometimes it is a hard line to follow too because there are those who may not want to strive to be the best they can be and it is the teacher who must somehow get that student to push on and push forward. Every single child in a classroom is worth the effort. Every single person in the workforce is important. Every person in every church body is important and worth the effort to help each person find his or her uniqueness.

There are simply 10 things about a person that cannot be changed:

1. Time in history– A person’s time in history is important because every time frame in history is unique and God has appointed certain people to care for His creation during certain decades. What is God’s work for you to do at this time in history?

2. Your parents– Parents are the responsible body for whatever children they have. Your parents make a huge difference in the way in which you see the world and respond to it.

3. Your National Heritage– Where you were born matters! Even if you move to another country, the fact is you were born at a certain place in this world and it will matter to you all of your life.

4. Your Birth Order– Studies definitely indicate that birth order affects the “psychi” of every person. The ordinal position in which you were born makes even a difference in personality traits, organization and attitude!

5. Your Ethnic Group– You could be Black or White, Asian or Latino or even another ethnic group. Whatever group in which you fall make a difference in your life.

6. Girl or Boy– God created you to be a particular gender and He has great things planned for you to be the person He designed.

7. Your Siblings– Yes! Siblings young or old matter!

8. Your Physical Look– Your actual appearance makes a difference even in the way people respond to you.

9. Your Intellectual abilities- How smart or not-so-smart you are matters in the way people respond to you and you respond to the outside world.

10 Your aging and death– God gave you a particular body and has control of who you are from start to finish! God is in control of your aging and the time of your exact death.

Be what God intended for you to be!

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